Industrial vacuum trucks use a combination of high-pressure jet spray and suction to forge an unobstructed path in sewer lines, making planned maintenance easier and more sanitary. The high-powered spray and specialty nozzle are valuable for unblocking pipes, too, making it clear why many municipalities often clean sewers with a vacuum truck.

How to Use Sewer Vacuum Trucks

The process begins with forceful hydro spray to clean and displace trash and other refuse. The water enters the suction unit, passing through filters to remove sand, garbage and more before entering the wastewater tank. Some truck models offer a recycling ability to reuse the water after filtration.

Vacuum truck models differ in features, but there are two primary types — the vacuum model, which pairs with a sprayer, or the combination model, which includes both jets and suction in one vehicle.

Benefits of Using Industrial Vacuum Trucks to Clean Sewers

There are many benefits of using a vacuum truck to clean sewers, including:


  • Save time: Large tank capacity reduces the need for refuse disposal trips. Clean-up is quicker, too, since trucks capture and easily haul away both the wastewater and dislodged debris. Streamlined filtration systems deliver faster cleaning without sacrificing power. The improved excavation method saves time over traditional techniques, allowing your employees to be more productive.
  • Cut costs: Fewer trips translate into savings at the gas pump. The large-capacity hydraulic tanks in Vac-Con machinery allow the engine to run at lower RPMs, conserving fuel. The hydraulic cooling unit maintains a consistent oil temperature for extended component life. High-grade hydraulic oil also means less breakdown and better lubrication for parts, extending your equipment’s usable life. Sewer vacuum trucks operate easily with one or two people, driving down labor costs for your municipality, too.
  • Help your employees stay healthy: With the Vac-Con trucks, your employees don’t get direct exposure to the waste in the suction lines and do not need to cleanse them manually. In addition, the automated vacuum breaker prevents overflow. Interrupting the vacuum seal takes mere seconds to improve operator safety.
  • Preserve the environment: Vac-Con trucks have less impact on the environment since they produce no toxic substances. Also, you can recycle the filtered water directly from your tanks for continuous flushing and less water consumption. Vac-Con trucks contain a reusable star filter design for maximum filtration capacity that helps support conservation, as well. Since water performs the excavation duties, vacuum trucks cause less disruption to the surrounding environment.


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