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Hydro excavation is an innovative digging technique that’s quickly becoming a popular way to excavate compared to traditional approaches. This excavation method offers a wide range of benefits. Along with its accuracy, efficiency, ability to reduce risk and decreased potential damage, hydro excavation is by far a more environmentally friendly excavation option.

Instead of manually removing soil, hydro excavation uses a combination of high-pressure water and a powerful vacuum to break up debris and soil on-site. The soil is then placed into the debris tank of the unit, where it can be safely transferred elsewhere. When weighing the pros and cons of different excavation methods, it’s important to consider the benefits hydro excavation could have on your local environment.

How Does Hydro Excavation Impact the Planet?

Hydro excavation tools successfully remove dirt and soil with minimal harm to the planet. When any type of digging is required, no one wants their excavation efforts to harm the environment or their ecosystem. Here are a few reasons why hydro excavation is a more eco-friendly choice.

1. Hydro Excavation Does Not Require Toxic Substances

Hydro excavation combines pressurized water and an air vacuum. This process does not require any toxic substances, eliminating the risk of chemical hazards to the surrounding area.

2. Hydro Excavation Units Safely Store Debris

Once the hydro excavation equipment cuts through the soil and breaks it up, the debris is lifted using a high-power vacuum from the excavation site and carefully transferred to the debris tank. This process makes hydro excavation far less intrusive from an environmental point of view. By storing the excavated dirt in debris tanks, your crew can keep the work site clean and safely transfer soil without the risk of it falling off the truck in areas where it should not be.

3. Hydro Excavation Does Not Emit Pollution

Sometimes crews use artificial means to thaw the soil in cold weather climates that require excavation, including burning coal or wood. This process emits smoke and other pollutants into the air. In contrast, hydro excavators use water heaters to safely soften the soil.

4. Hydro Excavation Reduces Fire Risks

Another risk of using coal or wood to thaw the ground before digging is that these methods could cause an uncontrolled fire, especially in areas with combustible vegetation. Because hydro excavation uses hot water and an air vacuum to thaw and dig through frozen soil, there is no opportunity to cause a fire.

5. Hydro Excavation Is Good for Soil, Trees and Plant Life

Mechanical excavation relies on equipment that haphazardly claws through rock and sediment, potentially damaging soil and nearby trees and vegetation. Hydro excavation does not use standard digging equipment that is harmful to plant and tree roots. Instead, the pressurized water greatly reduces the risk of damaging local plant life, giving nearby trees and vegetation a better chance of recovering once the excavation is complete.

6. Hydro Excavation Will Not Contaminate Underground Water Resources

With traditional digging methods, establishing the position of underground utilities is not guaranteed. If an existing pipeline or sewer is damaged, there is a possibility of contaminating underground water resources.

Hydro excavation is far more accurate at exposing underground pipes, allowing for more control even in tight spaces. This more precise digging technique reduces the risk of damage and water contamination.

7. Hydro Excavation Allows for Best Environmental Practices

Because of hydro excavation’s overall reduced impact on the environment, experienced hydro excavation teams can take the steps they need to put best environmental practices into place during their digging efforts.

View Our Environmentally Friendly Hydro Excavation Equipment at Southern Vac

For many excavation projects, hydro excavation creates a better experience for contractors and customers. That’s why hydro excavation equipment is becoming a top choice when any type of commercial digging is required. Using hydro excavation equipment can benefit your company’s reputation as an eco-friendly choice.

Southern Vac is proud to be your source for the most advanced hydro excavation equipment on the market. We carry the largest stock inventory and rental fleet in the Southeast. Contractors and other operations throughout North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee know they can count on us for top-of-the-line municipal equipment.

Browse our hydro excavation equipment online today to get started. If you have any questions, please fill out our contact form or give us a call at 803-358-0221. Our team is here to help you find the new or rental equipment you need to take on your next project.


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