When you work in civil or municipal construction, oil and gas, landscaping or any other industry with excavating applications, finding the most efficient and effective process is critical to your success. If you’re searching for a better way to clear out subterranean soil and debris on your job sites, hydro excavation is the modern solution that often makes the most sense.

Understanding Hydro Excavation

The process of hydro excavation involves using high-pressure water and an air vacuum system for removing soil from underground areas. The pressurized water drives through the earth to loosen it up. Then a vacuum is engaged to extract the slurry from the site and transfer it to a debris tank. Unlike traditional excavation, this more modern method is faster, safer and less expensive than having to rely on manual labor or utilizing heavy machines. Additional advantages include:

  • Eliminate the dangers of underground excavation such as cave-ins and exposure to airborne toxins
  • Lower risk of damages to pipes or utility strikes that can result in injury and costly repairs
  • Less disruption to surrounding soil and reduced backfilling and clean-up requirements
  • Ability to position the equipment at a distance for working downtown or in high-traffic areas
  • Mobile, remote-controlled boom operation to keep employees at a safe distance
  • Ability to excavate in cold conditions when the earth is frozen as the warm water loosens the soil


Vac-Con X-Cavator Truck being used for hydro excavation

Smart Way to Excavate

Whether you’re building a pipeline, installing signs and fence poles or performing a variety of commercial, industrial or governmental applications, hydro-excavation is an exceptional way to protect employees, reduce costs and eliminate damages and accidents. You’ll benefit from a safer job site and a faster process that only requires a minimal amount of manual labor.

Now that you know what hydro excavation is, it’s time to make it the method of choice for your business. For more information, visit Southern Vac online and shop our selection of cutting-edge new, used and rental hydro excavation equipment. Contact us today to speak with a live representative about your projects and to request a free quote!


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