For powerful cleaning in tight spaces, an easement machine is your best choice. Larger vacuum and water trucks work well for streets and large spaces, but can’t fit into many narrow spaces. Instead of trying to do a manual cleaning, take advantage of our easement machines for sale and for rental here at Southern Vac. We have a wide range of makes and models that give you:

  • A powerful water spray for deep cleaning
  • A long hose for reaching in remote areas
  • A narrow design for access in small spaces
  • Impressive maneuverability and traction for all terrains
  • Adjustable speed reel for operator convenience
  • Practical options like spotlights, tilt beds and high-pressure hoses

Our easement machines are a great solution for gutter and storm drain cleaning for cities and municipalities. They’re also suitable for industrial and commercial cleaning contractors looking for a compact yet powerful machine for cleaning in any location.

If you’ve never experienced the convenience and practicality of an easement machine, it’s time to try one out.


Additional Benefits

While the obvious advantage of an easement machine is its compact size, which allows you to access areas other cleaning and vacuum trucks can’t fit, there are additional benefits to adding a compact easement machine to your fleet:

  • An easement machine is easy to transport in the back of a truck or on a trailer.
  • Thanks to the low purchase or rental cost, an easement machine is extremely cost-effective.
  • Simple ergonomic controls make training an operator to use an easement machine easy.
  • The length of hose allows you to work over a large area without repositioning the machine.

It’s easy to see why so many companies and municipalities use an easement machine on a daily basis for sewer, drain and gutter cleaning. If you’re interested in seeing how an easement machine purchase or rental could benefit you, contact our team here at Southern Vac today.

We’ll give you a demonstration and show you the impressive cleaning power and features of our various easement machines for sale and rent.

Save time and energy over manual cleaning by choosing a compact easement machine designed for all of the tight spaces in your community or property. Our narrow easement machines are the perfect companion for larger water, vacuum and street sweeping trucks for all of your sewer and storm drain cleaning needs.

Contact us today for more information on the various models we have for sale or rental and benefit from our experience as a local easement machine expert.


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