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If you’re in charge of cleaning and maintaining the streets in your community, you’re probably always looking for smarter and more efficient ways to get the job done. When you equip yourself with the right equipment and tools, you can get more done and provide a safer and healthier environment for your citizens.

One way to keep your streets clean is to use a professional-grade Street Sweeper. A Street Sweeper is designed to remove maximum dirt, grime and debris in a safe and reliable manner and has the features and maneuverability to handle a variety of road configurations and conditions.

Sweeping your streets isn’t just for appearance reasons. When dirt and debris build up in your streets, gutters and curbs, there’s a risk to the general public:

  • Sewers and drains blocked by leaves, garbage and other dirt can pose a flood risk.
  • Standing water and dirt is a breeding ground for insects, mold and bacteria.
  • Loose garbage, mud and plant waste can make roadways and crosswalks slippery.
  • Unclean city streets create an overall negative feeling and impression for citizens.
  • Certain types of debris, such as metal and broken glass, can be a danger to pedestrians.

Instead of letting the problem get out of hand, add a Street Sweeper truck to your fleet and perform regular street sweeping. Start with the worst areas and get them back into an acceptable level of cleanliness. Everyone in your community will notice and benefit from a healthier and safer environment.

And once your streets have been cleaned, all it takes is a regular maintenance plan to keep them that way. Most communities find that weekly street sweeping removes dirt and garbage before it can build up and start to cause health and safety issues.


Everyone Benefits from Clean Streets

Ravo Street Sweeper Truck

Keeping your streets clean also creates a positive impression of your communities and neighborhoods and can inspire people to do their part to keep the streets clean for everyone. Consider adding garbage cans and emptying them regularly. You can also share information on the risks of dumping waste and garbage in the streets and educate people in your community on how to properly dispose of all types of home, garden and yard waste.

Here at Southern Vac, we’re experts in Street Sweepers, Vacuum Trucks and other equipment used for cleaning and maintaining your streets and roadways. We can help you assess the needs of your community and help you find the right Street Sweeper make and model.

Your community deserves safe and healthy streets free from garbage, dirt and debris, so equip your municipal maintenance crews with a powerful Street Sweeper and make quick work of your street cleaning tasks.


Choose Southern Vac for Your Street Cleaning and Maintenance Needs

Southern Vac provides world-class street sweepers for contractors in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee. We carry the largest stock inventory and rental fleet in the Southeast. Browse our current offerings online, and complete our contact form for prompt assistance.


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