Avoid flooding on your roads with these tips from Southern VacIf you’re in a township or municipality that suffers from flooding, you know what an inconvenience it is. Flooding disrupts traffic, washes out roads, ruins lawns and gardens and causes major damage to homes, businesses and public buildings. While it’s hard to control Mother Nature, there are precautions that can be taken before a flood to minimize the damage caused by rain and rising water levels.

At Southern Vac, we have a fleet of powerful new vacuum trucks for purchase and rent that can be used in conjunction with township and municipal flood control methods. Our vacuum trucks help keep storm drains and sewers clean so water can flow properly.

If you’re in charge of your local storm preparedness and flooding prevention tasks, consider adding a vacuum truck to your fleet of equipment to keep your streets and sewers ready when the rain falls.


Getting Water off the Roads

The paved roads of your town or city gather all the rain that falls and direct it to the storm drains. Any amount of leaves, dirt and other debris can quickly plug up your storm drains. As they get plugged, more leaves and debris piles on to compound the problem. Using a street sweeper and vacuum truck has several advantages:

  • Cleaning your storm grates can remove a blockage and help water drain quickly.
  • Regular cleaning of your streets keeps leaves and dirt from accumulating in the first place.
  • A vacuum truck can remove standing water that isn’t draining on its own.
  • Regular street sweeping and flood water removal allows you to spot problem areas.

When you know where flooding and storm drain blockages regularly occur, your municipal and township flood control teams can make changes to avoid future problems. This may include adding additional street sweepers and vacuum trucks to your fleet, focusing your sewer cleaning and maintenance in specific areas or adding additional sewers and water drains in frequently flooded areas.

Vac-Con VecLoader XL Truck


Take Precautions before the Next Flood

You don’t have to wait until the rain is falling and the water is rising to react. Start today by keeping your streets clean of leaves, branches and other garbage and debris that can keep your drains and sewers from working properly.

You can contact our team here at Southern Vac for a quote on the purchase or rental of a new vacuum truck or to see a demonstration of one of our vehicles. You’ll quickly see that using a vacuum truck to keep your streets clean is one of the key precautions to take to before a flood to limit any water damage.


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