Hydro excavation is an excavation method that uses pressurized water and a vacuum system to remove the soil from an area. It’s become more popular than traditional digging methods in recent years, because it is more efficient and accurate, among other benefits.

The hydro excavation process starts with the hydro excavation truck. Read on to learn more about what these trucks do and where you can use them for your excavation projects.

Vac-Con X-Cavator Truck in use


What Is a Hydrovac Truck?

Hydrovac trucks use hydro vacuum excavation to excavate for all kinds of work. To use the hydrovac truck, you must first use the handheld wand to spray pressurized water on the area you want to dig. Then, the boom will act as a vacuum to remove the soil. When the truck tank is filled with mud, you can dump it offsite and continue working. After the work is done, you will have a hole or trench that is smooth-sided.


The Benefits of Hydro Excavation

Hydro excavation and hydrovac trucks offer many benefits, including:

  • Lower risk for damage: Other digging methods use sharp metal tools that can puncture pipes and create a bigger problem. Hydro excavation doesn’t use metal tools, which lowers the risk.
  • Less disturbance: Hydro excavation is a precise process that does not bother the area around the excavation site, so you can complete the job in less time.
  • Safer for workers: With traditional digging methods, you need a person in the trench to guide the equipment. With hydro excavation, both the equipment and workers can be distanced from the excavation site.
  • More cost-effective: Because hydro vacuum excavation does not require as much labor and restoration as other methods, it ends up being cheaper for you.


What Is a Hydro Excavation Truck Used For?

As hydrovac trucks continue to be the preferred method for digging, they are often used to:

  • Daylight/pothole to locate underground utilities
  • Trench soil to install pipelines and cables
  • Remove debris with ease
  • Excavate a piling hole for many types of pilings
  • Dig in cold weather when the ground is harder
  • Rehabilitate pipes and sewers
  • Pole set to install electric poles and more
  • Excavate in tight spaces since the hydrovac truck needs less room to operate


Rent a Hydro Excavation Truck From Southern Vac

Using a hydrovac truck at your job site will make your workday more productive. Start using this machine today by renting a hydro-excavation truck with Southern Vac. If you have any questions or want more information, contact us by filling out the contact form on our website.


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