In addition to following your daily inspection routine, remember to perform weekly inspections on your Vac-Con® truck. By taking the time to inspect your truck every week, you can ensure years of performance out of it.

General Tips for Weekly Maintenance

Proper weekly maintenance takes a lot of diligence and a little common sense. When you’re establishing your regular inspection schedule, remember to check your truck’s OEM manual. Every make and model has specific recommendations for optimal maintenance. The manual should have specific instructions for inspecting the parts of your truck mentioned in this blog post, and it will give information about ideal appearance and gauge levels. When you perform weekly inspections, thoroughly review your maintenance schedule and make adjustments based on service completed.

Vacuum Truck Weekly Inspection Checklist

Every week, perform these steps in addition to your daily inspection to keep your vacuum truck in top shape:

  • Check fluid levels: With the fluid cylinders in the retracted position, check fluid levels and refill when low. If the levels stay low during the next inspection, you may have a leak.
  • Clean the debris body: Use a water handgun to clean the debris body from front to back on both sides. Once you finish, run the truck for a short period to get rid of moisture.
  • Inspect the air and water separator cyclone: After checking for excess liquid or debris, clean the cyclone screens. Make sure you have a clean boom enclosure and tight connections.
  • Maintain the hydraulic system: Examine your hydraulic fluids weekly for contamination by holding a sample up to the light and checking for debris.

Weekly Tank Inspections for Your Vacuum Truck

Operators who already perform daily tank inspections can take a few extra steps every week to maintain the equipment’s performance. If your truck tank has a final filter, remove and wash it every week. Check the general condition of any other filters as well, and clean them as needed.

Inspecting Your Hydro Excavator at the End of the Week

In addition to general weekly and daily inspections, you should grease your hydro excavator’s blower drive shaft if it has one. Keep an eye out for material in the exhaust as well as functionality restrictions during use.

Get Help From Southern Vac

Let our experts help you take care of your Vac-Con truck. You can schedule service and maintenance with us to get a professional opinion and expert service. If you have any specific questions, feel free to get in touch with us.


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