You always want visitors to your commercial property to have a positive first impression and come away knowing you take pride in keeping your property clean and safe. This impression will go a long way toward building a positive reputation for your business or organization.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a small commercial property or a sprawling commercial campus — it’s important to keep your streets, roadways and parking lots clean.

The best way to stay on top of the cleanliness of your streets and surfaces is to use a Street Sweeper. These trucks are designed to clean up a wide variety of dirt and debris, including garbage, leaves, mud, gravel and more. You can choose the size and performance that meets the type and configuration of your roads and parking lots for fast and efficient cleaning.

Don’t let the dirt and debris build up until the appearance or safety of your commercial property suffers. Instead, choose to buy or rent a Street Sweeper and show your customers, visitors and employees that you’re conscientious and consistent.

Buying Versus Renting

There are two options for your Street Sweeping needs: buying or renting. Which you choose depends on several factors, including:

  • The frequency of your street sweeping: Does your commercial property require frequent street sweeping due to the presence of trees that lose their leaves? Is there often garbage blowing in from nearby roadways or other commercial properties? Do dirt and gravel get deposited on your roadways and parking lots because of nearby unpaved streets? If you find you’re frequently sweeping your commercial property, purchasing your street sweeper truck might be the best decision. Less-frequent sweeping can be handled by renting a sweeper when you need it.
  • The type and layout of your streets and lots: If you have large open parking lot surfaces and roadways on and around your commercial property, a single type and size of street sweeper truck may be sufficient. In that case, purchasing a sweeper might make sense. If, on the other hand, your commercial property has a variety of different surface types, shapes and configurations, you may find that choosing several different models of street sweeper allows you to clean more efficiently. In that case, renting the exact street sweeper model you need may save you time and energy.
  • Your budget and available space: Whether you purchase or rent your street sweeper also comes down to the budget you have for new cleaning equipment and the space you have to store it. Many of our customers who manage smaller commercial spaces for their small business prefer to rent a street sweeper when they need it and not have to worry about storage or maintenance. Customers with larger commercial properties and multiple locations in the same area often opt to purchase their street sweeper so that it’s always available when they need it.

We invite you to contact our team here at Southern Vac for more information and help choosing the right purchase or rental Street Sweeper to keep your commercial property looking perfect.


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