Keeping city highways, roads and streets clean and orderly are essential for a variety of reasons. Immaculate streets not only sends a positive message about a town’s government and people and is more inviting to visitors and home shoppers. It’s also critical for everything from keeping storm drains clear and free of blockages and improving traffic safety to protecting the watershed from run-off. The trouble is, maintaining roads on a weekly basis can be time-consuming and expensive without the right equipment.

If you’re a city worker or administrator interested in finding the most efficient street sweeping solutions, consider the value of investing in a sweeper machine. The following are five ways a municipality of virtually any size can afford to buy a street sweeper while lowering its long-term costs:

  • Choose the Right Size Machine: Street sweeping equipment comes in a range of sizes and configurations. Look for a model with the cleanUsed Ravo 5 iSeries Sweeper Cleaning Residential Suburban Streetsing capacity you require and value-added features such as exceptional fuel economy and low maintenance expenses.
  • Practice Preventive Maintenance: Often overlooked but vitally important, following the factory-recommended service schedule is the best way to maximize the performance and longevity of a street sweeping machine.
  • Learn Best Practices: Modern sweepers are easy to operate as long as you follow basic procedures. Something as simple as staying in the optimal speed range helps maximize fuel efficiency and avoid accidents leading to costly repairs and downtime.
  • Optimize Your Processes: Finding the best approach to cleaning your city’s streets is an ongoing effort. Continually analyzing and adjusting the routes drivers take and the scheduling between cleanings is directly attributable to lowering the costs of your operation.
  • Consider Rental Options: If buying a street sweeper doesn’t currently fit your budget, renting a machine is often an economical alternative. You’re able to access the quality equipment you need, on-demand, and try out different models before deciding which one to purchase.

For more information on street sweeping and where to buy street sweepers for your city, contact Southern Vac today. We offer a variety of sweepers for sale and rent and will be happy to provide a free quote.


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