Three years ago I met Russell Senn with Southern Vac, I was looking for a camera system for my utility and  I was “courting” vendors. I had talked with and had equipment demonstrations with several different product reps and companies all stressing how much better their system was than any other company and bashing the other competitors as well. When Russell came in here he asked us the important things that I felt needed to be asked. He asked us what our basic needs were for the utility and what are we looking to accomplish utility wide with the equipment as our utility grows. In essence, he was looking out for the best interest of my utility and my town rather than make a quick sale. His knowledge of the product, its capabilities and its use to better our utility were second to none. He even went one better in suggesting that if his product wasn’t the best fit for our needs he would personally call a competitor that had a better system for our needs….Who does that!? We chose to go with the Cues K2 camera system for our utility, it wasn’t the cheapest and it wasn’t the most expensive but it was the system that fit our needs. I knew then that we had found a company that we could rely on to fit our needs as a water and sewer utility and not someone who just wants to sell us products we don’t need.

From that point on Russell made it a point to contact us on a regular basis and update us on different trainings in the area, new products, product demos that we may be interested in and what some of the other utilities in the area were doing with great success. I contacted Russell in late 2013 and started inquiring about a combination sewer cleaner for the Town, I knew that Russell was a dealer for Vac-Con and that he would steer us in the right direction even if it meant he didn’t get the sale. Russell made sure that I was knowledgeable about the truck that we needed and about the costs of the trucks after the sale, wearable parts and upkeep expense. He concentrated on the little things that most others just brush off in order to sell you a product. He accommodated any changes to our specifications on the truck we wanted and made sure to the final bolt and detail that we would be pleased with our purchase. He also offered a 90 day no questions asked TOTAL refund on the truck that we decided to buy….once again…who does that!?

To whomever…if you are taking the time to read this testimonial…I implore you…if you are looking for a company with a knowledgeable staff that is dedicated to the success of your company or utility and places that above their own interest then Southern-Vac is the company you are looking for. I stand behind my statements and if you want to contact me personally or come visit my utility and see my products in action please do…my number is 803-487-2366 and my email.


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