Since the days of the Industrial Revolution and the adoption of modern sewer systems, cleaning technologies have evolved significantly. If you are a plumber or contractor still leaning on traditional methods and sewer cleaning tools, it’s time to take a look at the latest advancement in the industry. Utilizing contemporary sewer cleaning machines eliminates time and labor requirements and makes it easier to get the job done right.


State-of-the-Art Sewer Cleaning Tools


Cleaning sewers, pipes and drains has always been considered a job where you have to get your hands dirty. While there will still be an element of manual labor in this line of work, there is now a variety of new equipment and machines capable of improving accuracy while reducing the daily grind. The following is a short list of cutting-edge tools and machines used for maintaining and repairing sewer lines:

  • Hydro Jetting & Flushing Machines: Snaking a drain to remove a clog or manually cleaning lines and pipes is no longer necessary in many situations thanks to the advancement of water jetting devices. High-pressure water makes it possible to loosen, dislodge and transport debris, sludge and sediment in far less time and with less effort than traditional methods.
  • Sewer Inspection Videos & Cameras: Years ago, plumbers and contractors were left in the dark when diagnosing issues deep within sewer lines. Today, remote-controlled inspection cameras shed light on the situation by allowing you to see precisely what’s going on to eliminate guesswork and wasted labor.
  • Sewer Sondes: A sewer sonde is a considerable time saver on all different type of sewer cleaning projects. This electronic device takes the legwork out of locating pipes and ducting as well as identifying blockages and pipeline defects.
  • Machine Rodders: For large-scale straight main line work, a machine rodder is far less labor-intensive than manual operations. These sewer cleaning machines drive rods through the pipes and are capable of pushing, pulling and rotating.

Stop breaking your back and start working more productively and efficiently by embracing advancements in sewer cleaning machines and tools. For more information on the latest equipment for sale or rent, contact the experts at Southern Vac today. We’ll be happy to answer your questions about our product selection and provide a free quote.


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