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KWMI Easement Machine

KWMI Easement Machine
KWMI Easement Machine
KWMI Easement Machine
KWMI Easement Machine

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The KWMI Easement Machine is an all-terrain rubber-tracked power carrier that gives unparalleled access to manholes in wetland, wooded and tough to reach areas.


If you are looking to add a new sewer easement machine to your fleet, we have what you are looking for. The KWMI easement machine has the features and performance you need to make quick and efficient work of your next easement-cleaning task. The all-terrain rubber track makes it suitable for all types of terrains, including wetlands and wooded areas that other machines cannot get into. You also get excellent durability for years of reliable service. With the KWMI Easement Machine you will have unparalleled access to manholes in wetland areas, wood areas, narrow alleys, practically anywhere. This machine is built rugged in construction and is easy to operate.


  • Reel:  22 in. x 42 in.
  • 1 inch hose up to 600 ft capacity., ¾ inch hose up to 1000 ft capacity
  • Reel Hydraulic Flow:  @2500rpm, 4-10 gpm
  • Machine Hydraulic Flow:  @2500rpm, 24 gpm
  • Engine Power:  2 cylinder 27hp Kohler Gas or 3 cylinder 26hp Kubota
  • Travel Speed:  0-5 mph
  • Track Width:  10 in. (rubber)
  • Size:  46 in x 114 in x 66 in
  • Machine Weight:  2900lbs (3200lbs with reel and hose)



  • Variable Speed Reel
  • Water Pressure Gauge
  • Removable reel with outrigger stands
  • (can be used as a power carrier)
  • Reel Guide with Foot Counter
  • Narrow 46” Design for tight areas
  • Low 3 ½ PSI Ground Pressure Tracks
  • 27 hp Kohler Engine


  • 600 ft. of 1” 2500 PSI Hose
  • Hydraulic Tilt Bed
  • Work Light or Plug-in Spotlight
  • 26 hp Kubota Diesel Engine