Vac-Con Single and Double Engine Combination Machines

Vac-Con Sewer Cleaning Combination Machine from Southern Vac

Only Vac-Con uses the simplicity of a hydrostatic drive to power both the vacuum and water systems with a single engine. Both systems can be independently operated for application flexibility. If you are looking for a single-engine machine, Vac-Con's unique design offers the best value without sacrificing performace or ease of operation.
Vac-Con also offers a unique 2-engine design using the chaises engine to drive the vacuum where you really need the power. The auxiliary engine for the water system delivers continuous, complete water recirculation when you're in motion or resting. This 2-engine design allows the convenience of truly independent vacuum and water system operation.

Versatility and Flexibility

When it comes to industrial sewer cleaning machines, versatility is key. You want a machine that is capable of attacking all types of storm sewer cleaning and vacuuming situations. With a sewer jetter machine from Vac-Con, you’re getting a great combination of features that give you flexibility for all your cleaning jobs. The powerful water jet blasts through even the most encrusted dirt and debris, while the heavy-duty vacuum system makes quick work of sucking it all up.
When you make your purchase through Southern Vac, you also get the support and expertise of the South Carolina and Tennessee leader in industrial sewer cleaning equipment. It’s easy to check our online catalog and find more details on the Vac-Con storm sewer cleaning machines for sale in your area. To better serve you, we offer:

  • Free quotes: Simply fill in our online contact form or give us a call and tell us what equipment you’re interested in. We’ll quickly prepare your personalized quote and help you place your order.

  • Available financing: If you require financing, we can offer competitive rates and flexible purchase plans that suit your budget and allow you to get into a new storm sewer-cleaning machine with less hassle.

  • Service and loaners: We don’t stop once your machine is delivered. We continue to offer our famous customer service through on-site service and loaners when necessary, to keep you running.

These are just a few of the ways we make purchasing a new sewer cleaning truck easier. Contact us today and we’ll work with you to make your purchase fast and easy. In little time, you’ll be enjoying the power and versatility of your new Vac-Con double engine combination sewer-cleaning machine and benefiting from the ease and efficiency it provides.

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  • Hydraulically operated, front-mounted hose reel
  • Operating controls in front
  • Hose rewind guide
  • Connection for high-pressure handgun
  • Polyethylene water tanks, low center of gravity
  • High capactiy water pump
  • Lubrication chart
  • Debris body dump control on side of truck
  • Centrifugal compressor with welded, Corten® steel fans
  • Centrifugal seperator and clean-out
  • Hinged door, fully opening
  • Hydraulic door locks and grabber
  • Butterfly drain valve and hose
  • Corten® Steel debris tank
  • External load indicator
  • Exclusive automatic vacuum breaker shut off system
  • Auxiliary engine for independent water system operation
  • Hydraulic boom rotates up to 270 degrees
  • Weather-tight tool boxes with locks
  • Transport cradle for boom

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