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Mathieu MC210 Street Sweeper

street sweeper for sale
street sweeper for sale

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Designed to be in action all year round thanks to its remarkable performance and flexibility, the MC210 delivers urban viability in all seasons – making it the ultimate 5-in-1 cleansing tool. With the standard front arrangement the MC210 can become a three-brush sweeping solution, a mechanical weeding solution, a brushing/scouring, washing or snow removal solution.


It takes less than 5 minutes to fit the different tools and doesn’t require specific machines for various tasks. These options offer a number of benefits, including:

third robust and efficient brush for even better performance. For mechanical weeding operations, treatment of cluttered or inaccessible zones, this solution provides extended efficiency and speed.

An innovative brushing and scouring unit comprising of 3 brushes allows users to renovate any type of porous or smooth floor. Thanks to its integrated detergent tank, fitted with a precise dosing system, all you will leave behind is a clean surface.

washing kit fitted with a high-pressure pump, a front-installed cleaning spray bar (with two side jets), and a nozzle coupled with an automatic hose reel – all of which have been designed to deliver exceptional performance across a range of washing applications.