VacCon XX-Cavator

Hydro Excavator Machine from Southern Vac

Vac-Con's XX-Cavator™ is simply a beast on any project, but is forgiving and kind to the one operating and maintaining it. Able to withstand extreme climates and temperatures, the XX-Cavator™ is a constant worker. Special insulation and recirculation features insure freedom from lockups and with the measured fuel savings of 50 liters per day, the cost of doing the job goes down, while productivity goes up.

Vac-Con's efficient engineering enables it to produce very low noise levels, while at the same time allowing for low RPM and high vacuum. The flexibility you need, with the power to stay up and running.

Power and Control

While having extreme water pressure is important, so is being able to control it. That’s where the Vac-Con XX-Cavator shines. The powerful water jet blasts through all sorts of dirt and debris, making quick work of your excavation. The nozzle and pressure are also easy to control, meaning you can do precise work around buried lines, pipes and other obstacles. Add in the powerful, high-performance vacuum system and this closed-loop vacuum excavation system saves you time, since there’s little cleanup to do afterwards.
Southern Vac has spent years becoming a market leader by paying close attention to the needs of our customers. That’s why we offer the best new equipment for sale on the market. This includes our lineup of Vac-Con XX-Cavators, the top machine in the industry. You can see this powerful hydro excavation machine on jobsites all across the country, where it is known for its performance and durability.
It’s easy to find out more details on the XX-Cavator. We invite you to fill in our online contact form or give us a call. We’ll prepare a detailed quote for the model you’re interested in with the features you need. Once you’re ready to make your purchase, we can even offer you flexible financing options that make it easier on your budget.
Adding a Vac-Con XX-Cavator hydro excavation truck to your fleet will allow you to work faster in even the most extreme conditions. Take advantage of all the features and performance this model provides and enjoy Southern Vac’s industry-leading sales and service. We look forward to becoming your partner for all your industrial sewer cleaning and hydro excavation equipment need, so contact us today to find out what we can do for you!

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Dual 721 Roots blowers (7,000 CFM / 27" vacuum)
Dual cyclone separators
Hydrostatic drive - vacuum and water
Front telescopic boom (up to 180 degree rotation, 6' or 10' front-mount option)
Aluminum diamond plate storage boxes and cabinets
Cross-linked polyethylene water tankes (up to 900 gallons, 10 year warranty)
20 GPM 4,000 PSI water pump
Automatic vacuum breaker that shuts down 100% of the airflow to the vacuum system as well as preventing carryover when transporting material
Additional automatic open to atmostphere valve relieves the debris tank/vacuum system of vacuum for operator safety
Electric rewind retractable reel, high pressure wand, rotating nozzle with 100' of 1/2" hose
16 cubic yard Corten® steel debris body with 5-year warranty
Low pressure hand gun with quick connect at pump with 25' of 1/2" hose
Hydraulic opening flat rear door / hydraulic door locks / 3/4 opening flat read door
Control panel cabinet/passenger side aluminum diamond plate (51" x 20" x 30")
Aluminum diamond plate storage box behind cab (16" x 42" x 96")
Emergency shut-off at front operator station and control box
Reflective striping/side and rear chevrons

Serial # : 07167566
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