At Southern Vac, we're your public maintenance equipment sales and service partner in the greater Southeastern U.S. Our street cleaning and maintenance equipment for sale provides the most rugged and economical options for your organization or municipality.

Whether you need a sweeper or vacuum truck, turn to Southern Vac. We guarantee each of our product's performance and are dedicated to superior customer service. Browse our selection of heavy equipment for road and sewer maintenance from top manufacturers.

Our Maintenance and Industrial Cleaning Equipment

World-Class Street Sweepers

RAVO sweeping machines make regular street cleaning a breeze with durable mechanical brooms and strong suction nozzles. Our sweeping machines are available in Standard Tipping or Container Dump options as well as many other configurations to meet your application's demands.

All-Terrain Easement Machines

Driven by a pair of high-traction rubber treads, our KWMI easement machines can be used in the most remote locations for sewer cleaning and maintenance. Get the hydraulic power you need with hundreds of feet of hosing on a variable speed reel.

Versatile Sewer and Storm Cleaning Trucks

In one industrial sewer cleaning machine, Vac-Con delivers independent operation of an efficient water jet to blast away dirt, gunk and debris, along with a powerful vacuuming system to keep the job tidy.

High-Pressure, High-Accuracy Hydro Excavation Trucks

Choose a hydrovac truck from Vac-Con to excavate soil with precision for trenching, pole-setting, utility daylighting and more. After carving into the earth with a pressurized water boom, this machine provides tons of capacity to take the vacuumed debris away.

Superior Industrial Vacuum Trucks

Quickly suck up wet or dry material in many environments, from sewers and septic tanks to grease traps and flooded areas. Vac-Con's high vacuum strength allows for ultimate performance in recovery and storm cleaning jobs.

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Southern Vac carries the largest inventory and rental fleet in the Southeast. For the most flexibility in funding your new machine, take advantage of our hassle-free financing options or use a rental machine for as long as you need. Our dependable service and repair team will keep your operations running all year long.

If you're in North Carolina, South Carolina or Tennessee and searching for the best public maintenance equipment for sale, Southern Vac is your one-stop shop for exceptional equipment and service. Contact us online to talk with one of our product experts about our offerings or request a demo today.