Summit CCTV Inspection Vehicle

CUES proudly introduces the Summit, a fully integrated power control system that is compatible with all CUES cameras, transporters, and the LAMP II wheeled lateral launcher. Power, system control, and video overlay functions are consolidated in the Summit system and mounted in minimal rack space to increase counter space and work area. Summit provides simplistic system initialization, operation, and shut down procedures, with an option for a wireless compact controller for all camera, transporter, reel, LAMP II lateral launcher, and camera lift functions.

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  • Operates all CUES pan and tilt / zoom pan and tilt cameras
  • Operates all CUES steerable and non-steerable transporters
  • Integrated portable controller for all camera, camera lift, transporter, video cable reel functions
  • Integrated portable controller for LAMP II wheeled lateral launcher
  • Optional wireless control from front and rear of unit
  • Increased rack space and counter space due to consolidation of power, camera, transporter, and reel controls, and video overlay
  • Simplicity: one switch enables the entire system initialization

The Summit can be mounted in any vehicle, including:
  • Trailer
  • Van
  • Sprinter
  • Hi-Cube
  • Stepvan
  • ATV
Customize your vehicle interior, cabinets, equipment, and mounting configuration to fit your unique requirements!