Steerable Pipe Ranger Multi and Single Conductor Wheeled Camera Transporter

The Steerable Pipe Ranger is a rugged and versatile low-maintenance transporter that's specially designed to traverse silt, mud and debris commonly found in storm and sanitary sewers. Three standard wheel sizes and optional manual or electric camera lifts are available to maximize performance. Optional high traction tires are available for extreme slippery conditions. The unit is designed to operate with 2000' of single-conductor or multi-conductor cable to inspect 8" relined pipe through 72" diameter pipe. It's unique two-speed transmission doubles the torque of the unit to produce maximum power in large diameter pipe when the 10.5" diameter tires are installed. The unit can also be supplied in a non-steerable configuration.

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  • Operates 1000+ feet of multi-conductor video cable in suitable pipe conditions
  • Can operate on all truck-mounted and portable systems
  • Operates with all CUES cameras: pan-and-tilt and optical zoom
  • Freewheel, powered reverse, forward variable speed control
  • Designed to provide clearance in a 7" diameter pipe; can inspect 8" relined pipe
  • All-wheel drive is enclosed and sealed; all brass and stainless steel constructions
  • Two-speed transmission doubles the torque and maximizes traction in large diameter pipe or in difficult pipe conditions
  • Rear tip-up bulkhead connector minimizes strain on the cable connection during the inspection and retrieval
  • Tires - (6) wheels are available in various sizes to maximize traction in each pipe size; (2) smaller diameter wheels remain affixed to the middle axle to help negotiate offsets in larger pipe configurations
  • Includes full-proportional steering to traverse curved pipe, turn at 90 degree elbows within larger pipeline, turns at tees within larger pipeline, and conduct a complete 360 degree turn within its own radius
  • Comes equipped with self-propelled power foward, power reverse, and free wheel capabilities
  • Unit is retrieved in the free wheel mode by the video cable reel to reduce the normal wear on the drive motor by 50%