OZIII Pan and Tilt Optical Zoom Camera

The OZIII optical zoom pan-and-tilt camera system offers built-in directional field replaceable lighting for 6" to 72" pipe to produce the highest quality image to enhance the details of your CCTV inspection. The OZIII camera provides up to 40:1 optical/digital zoom, automatic focus, remote focus and iris control to assure the best quality video within varying pipe conditions. The robust design of the OZIII camera includes protective forks for the camera head to protect it during insertion and retrieval and to shield it from roots and other obstructions in the pipe. Ge the finest detailed video inspections with the CUES OZIII (Optical Zoom) Camera!

This unit can be used in conjuction with the steerable Compact Pipe Ranger (CPR) to inspect 6" relined through 48" sanitary and storm sewers and connects directly to the CPR transporter with no exterior wires and cables. When the OZIII is installed on the CPR transporter, it produces a compact assembly with superior pulling power. An optional built-in inclinometer is also available to read and transmit pipe grade variations.

CUES "Light Enhancement Technology" eliminates the need for an external lighthead! Easy operation at the controller allows the operator to change the sensitivity of the camera at their fingertips. There's no need to remove the camera to install an external lighthead if the pipe material or pipe diameter changes. Let the CUES "Light Enhancement Technology" do it for you!

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  • 10x optical zoom and 4x digital zoom; total 40:1 zoom capability - enhances image details from faraway distances for inspection and assessment
  • NTSC at 470 H lines or resolution; higher image resolution means sharper pictures with maximum detail
  • 360 x 285 degree pan and rotate viewing capability - Pan and tilt simultaneously while the transporter moves
  • Field-replaceable white LED lighting for 6"-72" lines - Optional 4 x 6W Xenon incandescent lamps; internal lights are directional with the moving camera head for optimum illumination in various pipeline conditions
  • Auto-focus - Quickly focus on an area of interest
  • Manual override of focus, iris and shutter; flexible for unusual or special conditions
  • Pan, rotate, zoom and focus homing; quick and easy to reorient to the current location
  • 360 degree rotation optical viewing angle; 331 degree pan viewing angle range; view minute defects and voids around the entire diameter of the pipe wall
  • Can be used in pipelines as small as 5" in diameter
  • Optical-grade sapphire camera window - Helps prevent image distortion
  • Includes an internal diagnostic system; continually monitors camera functions, including run time, serial number identification, camera head temperature, humidity, light supply voltage, and camera input voltage
  • An optional built-in inclinometer is available to read and transmit pipe grade variations