LAMP II Lateral & Mainline Probe

The LAMP II Lateral and Mainline Probe is similar to the LAMP I, but includes the following:

  • Launches with or against the flow
  • Inspect mainlines and adjacent lateral services with one inspection run
  • Lightweight/Compact wheeled
  • Pulls 1000 ft
  • Single point removal of wheels
  • Fits into a 6" pipeline
  • Optional mini pan-and-tilt camera
  • Optional rear-view camera

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  • Built-in Sonde in the lateral camera for locating
  • Supplied with 4 sets of wheels for 6" - 30" lines
  • Optional wheel sets are available - steel based for high traction
  • Optional chutes are available to increase pipe size range to 36"
  • Travers 45 and 90 degree bends in lateral services
  • Quick removal and insertion of wheel sets
  • Fiberglass push cable: up to 150ft push cable
  • Rear tip-up connector inspect 6"-30" mainlines and 3"-8" lateral services; compact length
  • Front-mounted pan-and-tilt/zoom camera (40:1 Optical/Digital Zoom): Completes mainline inspection and monitors lateral camera; articulates to facilitate invert entry; automatic centering
  • Lateral camera includes built-in auto upright feature keeps the image stabilized at all times: can be quickly removed to use the unit as a mainline transporter with the front-mounted pan-and-tilt/zoom camera.