Granite XP Camera Management Software

Accurate pipeline condition assessment depends on establishing a solid foundational tool for collecting and managing data. Granite XP software, from CUES, ist he leading tool that's used to organize and assess the condition of buried wastewater and stormwater assets. Because it integrates to ESRI's GIS mapping systems and municipal asset management packages such as Hansen, Azteca Cityworks, GBA Masterseries and MRO's Maximo, Granite XP brings real intelligence to infrastructure maintenance and management. Granite XP is used as the "glue" that connects both GIS and Asset management together, enabling superior decision making to happen. Utilities achieve a more productive and coordinated data architecture to deliver increased visibility and analysis to anyone involved in the collection, evaluation and rehabilitation of buried assets. Contractors supplying inspection data to utilities can provide value-added services to their municipal customers by collecting better quality data and anaylsis , such as GPS coordinates for example, which strengthens customer relationships and offers service differentiation. By creating a solid data collection foundation with Granite XP, water utilities can more effectively allocate precious rehabilitation dollars to their critical infrastructure to meet or exceed State and Federal regulatory compliance mandates!

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  • Ability to import ESRI Asset data into Granite XP from a Master GIS database
  • "Single click"  CD/DVD burning
  • "Single click" report creation and picture printing
  • Create standard and custom reports with built-in templates which include your logo and can be saved in PDF, HTML, or ASCII file format and can be emailed from Granite XP
  • Export data in multiple formates including Oracle, SQL, Access, PACP, WRc Sewer1.dat, Hansen, Azteca City-works, WinCan and ASCII
  • Powerful search using keywords and filtering capabilities by projects, assets, inspections and observations
  • Perform reverse setups in a single inspection, "upstream against the flow" or "downstream with the flow" to display upstream and downstream observations on the same inspection
  • View live video simultaneously or select an observation on the Pipe Graph to access that precise point in a MPEG1, 2, 4 and WMV video instantly
  • Two optional annual support plans to choose from