Evolution Series II & III Interior

CUES offers vehicle-mounted units with the state of the art Evolution Interior, featuring an ergonomic design to achieve ease of operation, safety, and convenient storage to produce the most efficient, rugged, and reliable system in today’s market. The Evolution Interior II offers the same state of the art interior as the Evolution Series I Interior, but also features additional mounting options for equipment components and enhanced lighting. Many upgrades options are also available to customize the interior per your unique requirements.

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  • Contemporary, ergonomically enhanced design
  • “Safety Plus Visual” viewing window allows operator to see manhole/reel area plus the Equipment Room while seated comfortably at the control station
  • Indirect lighting - produces even lighting, which eliminates glare on monitors
  • Electronic components mounted above the desktop to increase countertop space
  • Flat screen video and computer monitor on desktop increases valuable counter top space
  • All Standard electronic components mounted in climate controlled cabinet
  • All plywood cabinet constructionSeamless walls and ceilings for easy cleaning
  • Viewing room can be secured with locking door handles
  • Rear floodlights placed inside of rear doors for quick, simple adjustments
  • Certain areas of Viewing and Equipment rooms intentionally left “open” for customer specified cabinetry and/or storage containers
  • Designed for even weight distribution from side to side storage shelves in the Equipment Room
  • Seamless walls and ceilings for easy cleaning
  • All cabinets are constructed of plywood
  • Certain areas of the Viewing and Equipment rooms are left “open” for optional customer-specific cabinetry and/or storage containers
  • Optional custom cabinetry, laminate colors, flooring patterns / colors are available
  • Rear awning provides protection from extreme weather conditions  (optional)
  • An optional 20-Gallon (minimum) washdown system with a 12 VDC water pump in the Equipment Room helps maintain water pressure for wash down of all cameras, transporters and other related equipment; the washdown system includes a stainless steel sink with a gooseneck faucet located on top of the plywood worktop
  • and much more!